TV Channel which broadcast the European Cup 2016 (Southeast Asia)

The current European Cup qualifying starts again. But for those who do not receive UHF signals would have to be watched via streaming or using a satellite dish.
On this occasion I will share information about the satellite channel that broadcasts in euro 2016 qualifying.

As we know some of the channels that broadcast the event much to scramble. Therefore, the following is a satellite that we can get in order to enjoy the prestigious Europe as such.
Channel TV which broadcast the European Cup 2016

Apstar 6
4053 H 9630
CTN, My TV dan CNC.

Palapa D
Global TV

Thaicom 5 dan SES8 

Vinasat 1
3433 V 13600
HTV, The Thao, HTV9

Channel above there are scramble, but some are broadcast FTA. The wait for the next update.